Sunday, February 19, 2012

A New Can Opener

How exciting!!

Seriously, so far it has been the most exciting part of our weekend. A few months back I was sick of struggling with our old hand held can opener and went out and got a new hand held can opener, the expensive one at about $10.00, and it worked really well. For a while, anyway. Then the frustration started with it just not working right and not cutting through the can lids and getting stuck part way through to where you are sticking a fork under the can lid attempting to pry the stuck part up so you can have your green beans or whatever you are trying to get out of that &$#@* can! It really is the little things that can make or break your day. All I want are some green beans, dammit!

So, a new electric can opener was on our let's wait until payday shopping list.

And Friday was payday, can opener time!

I had to go to Walmart to get cat food (again) and a few other things for the house, so I went to the can opener aisle and looked at the cheapest can opener and thought maybe I should just spend the bucks and get a really good can opener. I thought this one was like $25.00 from the shelf price labels but after I got home realized that it was actually $30.00 when I looked a little closer at the receipt. I was a little aghast at spending $30.00 on a can opener, but I think we will like this one. It opens the cans under the lid instead of on top so you don't have those sharp lid edges to worry about.

I was opening a couple of cans for dinner last night and it worked very well, so hopefully no more frustration than necessary when cooking from now on.

It being a payday weekend I also did the grocery shopping, going to Foods Co first for the stuff they just carry at Foods Co like my low carb yogurt. Despite the body odor smell that usually permeates Foods Co, they do have some good prices on a lot of stuff, like the chicken breasts for 1.69 a pound and the pork strips that I got enough of for 2 meals at like $8.00. Then, after taking the Foods Co stuff home, over to Winco for the stuff that Foods Co doesn't carry, and then to Vons for a few things that Winco doesn't have. I looked at some meat that was on sale at Vons but it was only the big huge packages of meat where you could feed like 20 people and I really didn't want a big huge feed 20 people kind of package of meat. I got hijacked while shopping by a young Vons employee who was selling their new go online and get kind of thing and if I signed up in store I could get free eggs. So, I signed up but realized that I'll probably never use it because when the special online sale price on chicken is $2.99 a pound and I can get it at Foods Co for $1.69, guess where I'm going to be buying my chicken?

And, speaking of buying meat, I was at some meat counter the other day looking at pork chops or something and right next to the pork chops or whatever were big packages of cow's tongues. Disgusting. It was almost enough to turn me off meat altogether and become a vegetarian, but I don't like vegetables all that much, so...

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