Thursday, January 12, 2012

What To Do

With this mild warm no rain in forty days winter we are having, the air quality here in this lovely part of the world is the worst air since 1989. Every day we are warned that the air is either unhealthy for sensitive people or just plain old unhealthy for everyone and to limit our outdoor activities. Like all the guys like Keith who work outside all day can just tell their bosses that sorry, they can't work today because they are supposed to limit their outdoor activities. Yeah, that'll go over real well.

So, my question is do I still go out and get my exercise like I'm supposed to every day? Is it worse to not get the exercise on my bike (what little I've been doing lately but hey something is better than nothing) or is it worse to exercise in air that you could cut with a knife? And really, if you find some kind of exercise to do in a tiny house (running in place? jumping jacks?) is the air in your house really any cleaner than the air outside?

I am enjoying not having to crank that heater all day long and having sunny skies up above the smog layer, but we really need some winter weather around here or we'll be facing another drought next summer. Snow in the mountains means water for the farmers. And winter weather with rain and wind would clean up the air and make it okay to go outside again. Except that you'd need your umbrella.

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DancingMooney ♥ said...

I've always liked Leslie Sansone's 'Walk away the Pounds' videos... they are super easy to follow and you can choose how many miles you want to do, one, two or three at a time... but, I tend to wonder the same thing, what's the difference between inside air and outside air? gah! Hope we get rain/snow soon, fingers crossed. ♥

p.s. I'm loving the designs you're using in your shop lately... :)