Friday, January 13, 2012

The Week of Lousy Meals

And Trying To Lose Weight.

Finally. After a week of not eating all of the things that I would really like to eat, with the exception of one lousy hamburger and a milk shake, a week of cottage cheese and turkey burger patties, I have lost 2 pounds.

Big Whoop.

Said kind of sarcastically.

Why is it so freaking easy to gain a few pounds (just have a cookie after dinner every day and that seems to do it) and so freaking hard to lose a few? And why can't they make a vegetable that tastes like chocolate?

Anyway, I did try to make some nice somewhat healthy dinners this week and so far with the exception of the dinner that had lots of HIGH CALORIE FULL FAT CHEESE- YAY! on it, the weeks dinners have been rather a disaster. Monday night was going to be tuna salads. I had found a packet of honey roasted sunflower seed and almond salad topping at the store and thought, yum, that would be good on a tuna salad. So, I mixed up some tuna and mayo and celery and pickle relish and chopped up some romaine and carrots and put the tuna on top of the lettuce and we put our ranch dressing on it all and added the honey roased sunflower seeds and almonds on top and I don't know if it was the tuna or the nuts or the dressing or the fact that the lettuce was really bitter tasting but the whole salad was just not good. At all. I don't usually eat much tuna because lately the canned tuna has all been either extremely bland with no flavor at all or extremely fishy tasting. And yes, I know tuna is fish and should taste like fish but not the kind of fishy taste that makes you think of cat food.

Tuesday was a turkey soup recipe that just did not come out right at all and was horrible and inedible so we went to Checkers and got hamburgers. And the aforementioned milk shake. Checkers hamburgers really aren't very good. McDonalds would have tasted better.

So, Thursday night and I really hope this night's dinner isn't another huge bomb and maybe I'd better stick with a tried and true recipe even if it's a little more work. So, I made chicken parmesan and it came out good except for the fact that I almost burned the chicken while frying it before putting it in the oven.

Then, last night I was making hamburger vegetable soup. A recipe that I've made many many times before and while nothing too exciting, not too unhealthy since it's got vegetables in it and all. Plus, it used ingredients that we already had, something else I'm trying to do. Use what we have before spending more money on food.

Something was missing in the soup, though. It just tasted kind of bland. Then right as I'm getting ready for bed I realized that I forgot to add the beef bouillon cubes to the soup.


Cooking is just not my forte.

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