Thursday, January 5, 2012


There was something I was going to blog about today but I can't remember what it was.

Dusty has not come home yet and I don't think he ever will. I made up some flyers for Keith to put on the mailboxes last weekend but he forgot and just got them put up yesterday. It's been a week since he went missing so unless he found a new home with some nice new people, I'm thinking he is long gone.

Our lesbian neighbors are breaking up and the one with the little boy is moving out this weekend. Keith finds out all the gossip in our 'hood because he's nosy like that. He was outside a few weeks ago and heard them fighting and the one threw a cat water dish at the other so he's been speculating ever since that a breakup was on the way. She is taking one of the backyard dogs with her and some of the cats. Too bad she isn't taking all of the dogs but maybe there will be less barking with one of them gone. And maybe the lesbian that is left at the house, the one who doesn't like the dogs anyway, will find them new homes or something. Right now they have like 10 cats who poop in our yard and eat Lucy's food and then there is Bandit who always goes in our backyard and gets into Genie's food and stresses her out. I'm hoping that she takes Bandit with her because he is the biggest pain of all of their cats. He is real sneaky, going down two houses and then doubling back through the back yards to get to her food.

Other than all the animals and the dogs barking they haven't been bad as neighbors, no noisy parties or anything like that. Most of the people on our street are pretty quiet and there are some that I've never even seen and only know that someone lives there because there are lights on in the house.

I rode the bike up to Winco the other day to get a few things for dinner. Our weather has been unseasonably warm, yesterday it got up to 70, so it was a pleasant ride and I didn't need to bundle up quite as much. I'm shopping and see two skanky looking young women with two shopping carts full of frozen pizzas and other healthy food like that and of course I'm thinking 'food stamps' and they have a little boy in the front of the cart with a dirty scabby face and his pajamas and slippers on. They are both wearing tank tops and tight jeans with gigantic muffin tops pouring over the tops of their jeans. The one with the little boy in the cart is way ahead of the other and she stops, leaves the cart (with the scabby kid sitting in it) and goes back two aisles over to get something she forgot. The kid is sitting there alone. Hey, free kid! But he's kind of scabby so maybe I don't want him after all.

Then as I'm leaving Winco a full grown woman is coming in the out door in her pajamas. And slippers.

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sp4009, or Joe said...

Winco's a real freak show at 2AM...