Friday, January 20, 2012

Meat Loaf and Other Stuff

So, how do you screw up a meat loaf? Not that meat loaf is something I really look forward to for dinner, to make it edible for me, even with a really good meat loaf, I've pretty much got to drown it in ketchup. But, Keith likes meat loaf and it's easy to make other than the whole sticking your hands in and mixing it all up thing (gross!) so the other night I decided to use a recipe that I found in a little Cooking with Coca-Cola cookbook that I bought a while back from the grocery store checkout magazine rack, my downfall when it comes to buying little cookbooks. But the pictures on the front look so good!

Anyway, I didn't have all of the correct ingredients so I kind of fudged things and substituted and maybe that's where it all went wrong. Or it could have been the Coca-Cola you were supposed to pour in and mix in with the meat. Ugh. Do not ever add Coca-Cola to your meatloaf. Even with lots of ketchup it was not good. Even Keith said to throw the leftovers away and he is real weird about throwing food away. I have to kind of spirit the leftovers out of the fridge and hide them under other trash so he doesn't see it.

Although with trying to buy just what we need when we need it our throwing away of food has not been as bad lately. It's kind of a pain to have to go to the store more often but we haven't spent as much money as usual so far this month. Part of that is because I have not let Keith go to the store unsupervised and the last time we went together I made him stick to my list with only one treat allowed. Reminds me of shopping with a toddler.

We are down a lot of neighborhood cats now that the neighbor took most of them to her new home. It's really nice not having Bandit banditing about stealing Genie and Lucy's food and I'm sure there is not as much cat poop in our side yard. We were getting to the point that we would shovel it up and fling it into their yard. There is one ginger cat that is still there and she likes to sit across the street and stalk the doves that come to eat the bugs or whatever they are eating over there. She is very patient and will sit for a long time, her tail twitching and her mouth salivating. She finally caught one the other day, I went outside just in time to see her coming across the street with a big fat dove in her mouth. Yum!

We are finally supposed to get some rain this weekend after a very dry December. It's actually warmer outside today than it has been lately, the cloud cover keeps things not quite so freezing. We will bring Lucy into the garage for the weekend and hope Genie is smart enough to go into her shed. Since Dusty has been gone she sleeps in her basket by the back door wanting to be closer to us I guess.

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