Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cat Stuff and Cleaning Stuff and Just Stuff Or:

Seize The Moment.

Mimi has a habit of jumping on people's shoulders whenever they look available, like when I'm standing at the stove trying to cook something but doing absolutely nothing in her eyes, never mind that there are hot things over there and fire and stuff, she will size you up and leap from the counter onto your shoulder. Her favorite time is when you are cleaning the cat box, something that happens twice a day and something that renders you helpless for a few minutes. Long enough to jump on your shoulder. She hears the sound of the cat box shovel scraping up the cat litter and knows the opportunity is there and up she goes. I really wish she were just a lap cat.

Last weekend was payday weekend so we stocked up on anything and everything that we need for normal household activities like going to the bathroom (toilet paper!) and cleaning up our messes (paper towels and spray cleaner!) and feeding cats (cat food and treats!) and cleaning up after cats (litter!) and of course spent what seemed like half a paycheck on all that stuff. I got some new spray cleaner, actually old spray cleaner because it's been around for a long long time but I've never tried it before. I'm not all that crunchy granola let's keep everything 'natural' but the packaging and the promise of no chemicals and the lavender smell drew me in. And anything that makes cleaning more fun, like a wonderful lavender smell when you use it, is good.

Plus, the old timey label is pretty cool. And you can clean anything with it. And did I say it smells good?

I do need to clean out our cleaning product cupboard under the sink. You buy the latest this will clean everything product and use it a few times and it smells all industrial and you shove it under the sink amongst all the other cleaning stuff, this one for the toilet and this one for the shower and this one for the counter tops and before you know it you've got a huge mess under there and you grab the oven cleaner instead of the counter cleaner and then you've got an even bigger mess.

What else?

We hung our little travel plates that Keith's brother and sister-in-law gave us for Christmas up in the kitchen. I like the graphics and they add a little color to what is kind of a black and white (and some pink canisters and a pink breadbox) kitchen. I knew they'd probably get shoved on a shelf somewhere and never used as they are more cocktail party type plates and when was the last time we had a cocktail party anyway? So, now we can enjoy them every day.

There are actually six of the plates but trying to get all six in one picture was only possible if you wanted to see my stove, too. And the coffee pot. These were really kind of a pain to hang up, the plate hangers had to be bent so that they would work over the edge of the plates and trying to get them evenly spaced and then hammer nails into the wall when you are stretched out over the counter not to mention the stove and having to be careful not to set yourself on fire when your fat stomach hits the knobs on the stove and turns them on. While your fat stomach is hanging over the stove.

Anyway. We lead such a thrilling and dangerous life, don't we?

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