Saturday, January 7, 2012


Is there a 12 step program for managing an addiction to cooking magazines? I can't figure out why they call to me from the grocery store magazine racks at the checkout. I don't like to cook. Why do I like to buy cooking magazines so much? Is it kind of like buying fashion magazines in the hopes of a quick fix so that you will know how to dress? I bought a new little Crock Pot magazine yesterday that promised low calorie recipes so that you can lose weight while still eating delicious and easily prepared food. I flipped through the magazine before plunking down my $4.99 plus tax for the booklet and saw a few recipes that looked good but when I got it home and perused it further, there might be at the very most two recipes that I might maybe someday try. What a waste of money.

But I can't seem to resist them!

I used to be addicted to People magazine, needing my weekly fix of human interest stories and the latest gossip and the movie and book reviews. It was hard to stop buying People (at the rate of $3.99 a week or whatever it costs today) but I kicked my People addiction and this year only bought the year end double issue. Which still wasn't worth the $3.99 or whatever it costs these days.

So, do I keep buying the recipe magazines in the hopes that someday I'll find pleasure in cooking and make delicious meals every day? Or do I just give up and go out to dinner?

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DancingMooney ♥ said...

Hmm... I like cooking magazines sometimes just for the pictures! I know it sounds silly but sometimes if I can see it with my eyes, I can think up something to make for dinner easier that way... as for the recipes, I'm guilty of hardly ever using them either, but they are inspiration in their own right.

I say, if you enjoy them, then get a subscription to the one or two you love flipping through the most. It's so much cheaper to have a subscription than it is to buy them at the store, and then you get a little surprise in your mail box once a month! Does that help? :D