Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Well That Was Pretty Cool!

This last weekend I had an inquiry in the Mimi and Lucy shop from a shop in Tokyo wondering if I did wholesale. I asked what exactly she was interested in or if she needed multiples of some of the items and she wrote back that she wanted 2-3 dozen of the vintage wood pins. I'm thinking 2-3 dozen pins would be really nice to get rid of so I told her I'd give her a discount on the pins and shipping and then figured that she'd think about it and maybe some day come back to buy. Well, some day was later that day and she bought 42 pins from me, so it was well worth arranging a discount coupon for her to use and well worth taking a box of pins up to the post office yesterday. It's kind of cool to think of some Japanese girls walking around Tokyo wearing one of my pins!

The post office was crazy busy after the totally useless why is this day still a holiday but federal employees really do need another day off Columbus Day Holiday. I knew it would be crazy busy so I brought a book to read in line.

And, when a young man with cerebral palsy in a motorized wheelchair comes to your door and says he is doing a fundraiser and selling buy one get one coupon books for local businesses for $10.00 do you go find $10.00 or do you tell him sorry, no? You go find $10.00 and buy a coupon book, that's what you do. So now we have a coupon book that we'll probably never use because most of the coupons are for businesses way on the other side of town, and the rest are for Carl's Jr and Burger King. Or we could go to Pappy's Coffee Shop and buy one biscuits and gravy and get one free. Which actually sounds pretty good but Keith hates biscuits and gravy so I'd have to eat both orders. Which if I'm hungry enough I wouldn't mind.

I didn't grow up with biscuits and gravy because we weren't from Oklahoma, but since Bakersfield was built on the backs of Okies who came here during the depression, every single restaurant has biscuits and gravy on the menu, and if you've never had this poor folks staple, you are missing out. They may look and sound a little disgusting, but dang are they good! Cheap and filling.

Except I am not supposed to eat biscuits and gravy. So I guess we won't use that coupon after all.

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