Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Birthday and Anniversary

Today I am 56. Wait a minute, didn't I just turn 55? This year went by SO FAST and I have a feeling this next one will be even faster. I'm already starting to think about next year and tax time.

It is also our wedding anniversary today and for some reason I can never remember what year we got married. I think it was 2003, which means that we have been married for...wait a minute let me count on my fingers...8 years?

We were talking about what we wanted to do for dinner for our anniversary (and birthday) and we don't want to spend too much, so are deciding between the 2 for 20 dinners at Applebees, or going over to Mimi's Cafe (yum!) for a little more expensive dinner but they have corn chowder (yum!) and although I am not supposed to eat them, the best buttermilk spice muffins in the world.

I was trying to think if there was anything that I've been wanting that I could buy myself for my birthday, but really can't think of much. My wants seem to be so few the older I get. I don't need anything for the house and don't want to buy any clothes until the weather cools off some, and the TV shows on DVD that I want don't come out for another few weeks, so I'll just wait on those. Maybe I will go over to the Goodwill book store and get some more books.

Speaking of books, Keith has actually read two books these past few weeks. He has never been a big book reader, he prefers magazines and books about trains and stuff with lots of pictures, but he read two real live novels and enjoyed them, so maybe he'll get into reading more. He sat out in the backyard for a few hours one early evening keeping the outdoor cats company, reading his book, and then when he came inside realized that he was covered in mosquito bites.

I woke up to another couple of orders in the supply shop, and this month has turned out to be the best Etsy month I've had since before the economy crashed in 2008! Hope it keeps up!

Now, time to go clean the cat box. Hey, that's what I want for my birthday, a self cleaning cat box!

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PussDaddy said...

Happy birthdy and happy anniversary!