Monday, August 29, 2011

Another Weekend Gone By

And it was a busy one. And hot. We are having what is hopefully our last heat wave of the season, we are promised cooler weather by the end of the week. Poor Keith is really suffering at work, he comes home just exhausted and he's been having leg cramps and stomach troubles, all heat related I think. I told him to tell his boss that if he starts feeling sick he is going to have to wrap things up by about noon so he can get out of the sun and come home and cool off.

He did a yard sale on Saturday morning, which worked out really well because our next door neighbors were also doing a yard sale (yes, the lesbians) and they had lots of baby things out and clothes, so the women shopped at their sale and the men shopped at Keith's, which was all man type garage junk, and he made $175.00 selling JUNK! yay!

I did lots of errands on Saturday and had to park way down the street when I came back because the yard sales were so busy.

I've been working on new stuff for the shop and am feeling very inspired for a change and even got up at 6 today so I could get started on the cat box cleaning and vacuuming early, the sooner to get back in the workroom and get busy. I need to take a bunch of pictures and will start listing the new stuff later this week. I'm going to be offering the soldered glass pendants at a new low wholesale price and see if I can sell a bunch of those, I've also got some bigger glass for tree ornaments. It goes much faster using collage sheets than trying to make collages or find vintage pictures.

I'm also doing some chipboard pins with the resin coating again, I found some way fun collage sheets in one shop that will make great retro type pins and got some chipboard that is just perfect, easy to cut but still sturdy enough for a pin. I went out to Beverly Fabrics this weekend, I used to shop there all the time but since I don't sew anymore, haven't been there in probably 6 months. They did have a few things that I can't find closer to home so it was worth the trip across town.

Oh, and I am (finally!) getting new glasses! I went over to the Target Optical on Friday for my eye exam and ordered glasses and sunglasses. It was cheaper to get the 2 pairs than to get transitional lenses on the 1 pair, and the transitional lenses really don't get dark enough for driving and such and I still squint. It will be nice to be able to see close up again, I've noticed that things have been kind of blurry lately. The glasses weren't cheap, but I really needed them and really couldn't wait much longer, I've been having a lot of eye strain type headaches lately.

And that is about it, back to work!

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