Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sounds of Summer- Rain Bird

We watched a Huell Howser episode about Rain Bird sprinklers, sounds boring but was actually rather interesting. Rain Bird sprinklers are an American invention and the company was started back in 1933. The sound of a Rain Bird sprinkler takes you back to summers of running through sprinklers and having all that wet grass all over your feet, the whole time wishing that you had a swimming pool instead of just a sprinkler.

Keith was going to go buy a sprinkler today so that he could fertilize and spot water the grass. We do have automatic sprinklers but he didn't want to have to reprogram the timers and all and just wanted to water the damn grass already. I told him to get a Rain Bird and he remembered that he had one in the shed so me mentioning Rain Bird saved us some money plus we are getting to listen to the soothing summer sound of a Rain Bird.

I think we should have one going all night right by our bedroom window and we'd sleep really well, but then our back yard would be flooded all the time. I wonder if sleep sound machines have a Rain Bird feature. If not, they should.

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