Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More Small Town Museum Visiting

After we saw bugs and butterflies at the Bugseum, we went on down the road to the Shafter Depot where the historical museum is housed. They are only open from 10 to 2 on Saturdays and according to the visitor book, not too many people stop by to take a look.

It was very hot inside the Depot so we sweated and looked at some train memorabilia and odds and ends from the early days of Shafter. We did learn that German prisoners of war were sent to a camp in Shafter for farm labor in the 40's and did find out that Shafter was the potato capitol of the world or the state or the country or something like that during the 40's and 50's. You always think of Idaho when you think of potatoes, so that was kind of interesting. We even saw pictures of the Potato Queen of 1940 something.

They had a lot of farm equipment set up in a very hot, very airless barn and a refrigerator train car that you could go inside and see things about potatoes. Also very hot inside.

After our visit through Shafter's history we were very hungry and drove around looking for someplace to eat, ending up at McDonalds because we couldn't find anything else. Downtown Shafter is just not a cute little farming town and really doesn't have much charm. The main street has not one, but three 99c stores all right in a row, and not much else.

After lunch it was back home where I took another shower because I was so hot and sweaty.

And on a totally different subject, the little kitten that our neighbors were feeding has a new mother. They had a friend whose cat had just had kittens so they introduced the abandoned baby to the new mother who eventually picked the kitten up and put it in with her other kittens. So, it appears all will be well with itty bitty kitty.

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