Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kittens and Ceiling Fans

No, we don't have any new kittens.

I went out this morning to feed Lucy and as she is crunching away on her crunchy food, the stray cat that was waiting next door for all of their cats to get their morning food heard the crunching and came around the corner of the garage hoping to grab some breakfast, saw me, and ran back around the corner. But the two little black kittens from next door are not afraid of me and they also heard the crunching and also came around the corner looking for food.

So, I put Lucy's food bowl up in the tree where she could eat in peace without other cats watching over her shoulder. We hide her food up in the tree a lot so that cats wandering by don't see the food dish sitting there.

I come back in the house to get my coffee and start my morning checking for sales and reading blogs routine, and then go back outside after a while.

And I find both little kittens from next door up in the tree alongside an empty food dish and no Lucy to be seen anywhere. And, boy, is she going to be mad when she smells other cat smells up in her tree.

And, after much reading of instructions, a little cursing because at first the fan wouldn't work right, and some whiskey drinking, we have a new ceiling fan. With a remote control. I'm like how lazy are we that we have to have a remote control for the fan, but after seeing how it works, it kind of makes sense because then you don't have to have those pull things hanging down and if your fan is up on a high ceiling like ours, you can't reach the pull things anyway.

It does keep the living room a lot cooler but unfortunately the couch isn't positioned correctly to get maximum breeze, so we may have to rearrange the living room so that the couch is sitting directly under the fan. Which would look strange because the fan is over where most people would put their dining table in the stupid great room floor plan that we have. You know, so that you can have a light so you can see what you are eating for dinner.

Our cats are all on diets. We are feeding them in the morning and then picking up any uneaten food, and then once again in the afternoon. Buddy went to the vet last week and while he is fine in all other aspects, he is a little overweight at almost 17 pounds. I'm thinking we'd better see if roly poly Bear can lose a pound or two before it's her turn for the vet, not to mention Pepper being a little on the chubby side, too. Bear is wondering what the heck is going on and how come there is no food out for me and sits there and stares at me. Using her telepathic powers hoping I will fill up the food bowl.


PussDaddy said...

I love that pic of the kitty peeking out of the tree.


Staci Severns said...

That's a nice-looking ceiling fan, Lizzie! Are the blades made of wood? The fan certainly blends well with the design of your ceiling. Anyway, the kittens peeking through the trees are so cute! Seeing that the kittens were all black was a bit of a surprise. But just the same, I find their innocent stares very adorable.