Thursday, June 16, 2011

Birthdays and Stuff

Today is Keith's 53rd birthday. He's not real happy about it. He hasn't been real happy lately even if getting another year older isn't depressing enough. He really hates his job and the whole having to go back to it thing and the getting told every. single. day. that he's not working fast enough or hard enough and it's getting hot outside and it's kind of hard to work faster and harder when it is 99 degrees and you are working in the hot sun all. day. long.

But, we are going to go out for a birthday dinner tonight. We got a coupon in the mail for Black Angus for their two-fer dinner deal where you get an appetizer, dinner, and a dessert to share for 40 bucks. If I can convince him not to buy any $5.00 cocktails, it should come out to about $60 after adding on iced teas and a tip.

He was also kind of depressed at having to work today, he decided a few years back to always take his birthday off, but...since he just went back to work it's kind of hard to ask for your birthday off. And then also not have any vacation days saved up yet so you don't get paid for it.

At least he is not going in for a colonoscopy on his birthday like he did a few years ago. He had taken the birthday week off so he could get the colonoscopy out of the way and use a vacation day for it so he'd get paid, and then still enjoy his birthday post colonoscopy, but they rescheduled it for some reason so he spent his birthday with a camera shoved up his butt. Fun.

I got this dress over at Kohl's to wear for the memorial service next month and then after wearing the dress realized that it really does look like a nightgown and I don't think I want to wear a nightgown to a memorial service, so... what to wear?

The dress is fine for wearing around the house, though, so not a total loss. It's just a summer t-shirt fabric dress and is fairly comfortable even if it looks like a nightgown.

I think I'm just going to get some pants that don't look too terribly casual and some sort of top that doesn't look too terribly casual, but something that I will actually wear again. I don't know what kind of dress code this church has, but if they roll their eyes because I'm not dressed up enough, OH WELL. I don't think Keith's mom will care too much what people are wearing, just that they showed up.

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