Saturday, June 4, 2011

Just Plain Old Junk

Yesterday I rode the bike over to the nearby Goodwill in the hopes of finding some capri pants for summer. Because while this week it's unseasonable cool it's going to get real hot real soon here. And I only have one pair of capris that are kind of worn out and came from the Goodwill to begin with.

What a disappointment. Every pair of pants in my size were long and looked like they should have just been tossed in the trash instead of donated to Goodwill.

The place was packed with people buying junk, and everything that I saw in there was exactly that, just junk. Nasty upholstered couches and chairs, crusty appliances, dried flower wreaths covered in years of dust, and a desk calendar for 2008. Why would you donate your desk calendar from 2008 instead of just tossing it in the trash? At least I didn't see any half burned candles this time.

Today, though, I scored at the Goodwill bookstore. I wanted to clean out the closet where I stack all the books that I've read and take them back to the Goodwill, so packed up three boxes of books and drove over to shop first, then donate. I got three bags of books for about the same price as one new book, $15.15. Yay!

I'm trying to hold off on going to the grocery store for the weekend food and some lunch meat for Keith's lunches this week. I have chicken and tortillas and cheese so tonight we are having chicken tacos. I have a coupon for a free carton of eggs from the newly remodeled Target's new food section so tomorrow night we will have crustless quiche. With free eggs.

I checked out the new food section over at Target the other day and they do have a pretty good selection of basic fruits and vegetables, some kind of pricey meats, and the usual frozen foods and dairy stuff. It will be very handy for me when I just need one or two things and don't feel like going to big old Winco.

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PussDaddy said...

I hate Goodwill. Although I donate my stuff there, but my stuff is still good. I wouldn't shop there though. We have thrift stores here called Thrift World and they have much better stuff.