Monday, May 16, 2011

Quiet Weekend

Firstly, go read today's cat blog post.

And now, What We Did Over The Weekend.

Saturday morning Keith went over to get a haircut since all the kids at work have been teasing him about looking like Bozo with his hair sticking out from under the sides of his hardhat. While he's driving over to get a haircut the check engine light comes on. The car had also been really hard to start for a few days so we were thinking that it was time to get a new battery. Unfortunately with these newer cars with all the computer stuff in them, you can't just pop a new battery in, all of the computer junk has to be reset or something. So, after his haircut he goes over to the dealership where we just finished getting windows fixed and tune ups and new brakes and all that other stuff, and he ends up sitting there for about 4 hours while they are putting in a new battery and figuring out why the check engine light is coming on. It has to do with a fuel injector or something that hasn't been working right for a while but has been readjusting itself to where it didn't need fixing just yet. But it will soon and it's not something they fix on a Saturday because Saturdays are just for oil changes and stuff. He would need to take a day off work and we are not going to have him do that for at least 3 or 4 months since he just barely went back to work and it really wouldn't look good to ask for a day off when you've only been back at work for a week.

Anyway, that pretty much took up his whole day. We hadn't been to the grocery store yet, so we thought we'd just go get something to eat instead of scrounging around the cupboards for some thrown together dinner. I suggested we try Sizzler since they have that salad bar and he's been wanting a steak dinner, so we drive across town to Sizzler and pull into the parking lot just in time to see about 50 people walking across the parking lot and going into Sizzler for dinner. I think they came from a tour bus or the nearby motel, but we really didn't want to wait in line behind 50 people for a so-so steak dinner and salad bar, so where to go? There is a Marie Callenders and a Mimi's Cafe just down the street, but there is also a place we had thought about trying called Coconut Joe's in a nearby shopping center.

We had to park halfway across the parking lot because Coconut Joe's is right next to the Dollar Theatre and everybody was going to the movies, but Coconut Joe's didn't look too busy. I had alway assumed it was a regular restaurant and thought it might be kind of expensive, but we were pleasantly surprised to find out that it's an order at the counter semi fast food hamburger place with beachy decor, fake palm trees, and old sixties surf movies playing on numerous TVs. I ordered fish and chips and Keith got the grilled chicken dinner. It was pretty good, and we'd probably eat there again, they did have a couple of salads on the menu and of course lots of hamburgers.

Then yesterday the weather turned rather chilly with clouds moving in and a chance of sprinkles. We did our errands, Target for our meds and cat food, then to the grocery store. We were getting kind of bored in the afternoon and didn't feel like working on any projects but couldn't think of much else to do. We thought about going to a movie but figured it would be way busy on a Sunday so we did the next best thing and rode the bikes up to Blockbuster to pick out a movie or two. We haven't rented movies from Blockbuster in years, and there were so many movies that we hadn't seen that it was hard to choose. We ended up with Solitary Man and The Green Zone and watched those and had a lazy afternoon.

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