Friday, May 13, 2011


I'm tired. It's been a busy couple of days with actual cleaning and dusting and stuff going on around here. Very unusual.

It started with me looking at the yard on Wednesday and realizing that it needed mowing and since I really had nothing better to do, I got out the lawn mower and weed whacker and mowed the yard, something I usually let Keith do, but I thought I'd surprise him. He didn't even notice. But I definitely noticed the one little spot of grass in the middle of the yard that I missed that was sticking up like Alfalfa's cowlick.

Then yesterday it was vacuuming the house and then getting out the carpet cleaner steam machine and cleaning all the carpets, especially the spots where Bear vomited the day before. She didn't just vomit in one spot but in four separate ones. Worse than a toddler, because it's hard to catch a vomiting cat and hold them over a vomit bucket like you would a child. The cats just run away from you in a panic and go vomit someplace where you don't see them doing it and find their little surprise later.

And today, and I really don't know what got into me this week, total boredom maybe, but today I deep cleaned the entire kitchen, walls, fridge, pantry, floor, cabinets, everything. Which Keith won't notice either.

Oh, and I also went on 3 separate bike riding errands today. First over to walmart for some more cleaning rags because mine were all waiting to be washed and I figured I'd better not delay cleaning the kitchen because who knows when I'd be in the mood to do that much cleaning again. Then a little later over to Foods Co to get ingredients for a salad for dinner, and of course they were out of boneless chicken breasts (and what's up with that, anyway?) boneless chicken breasts being the main ingredient needed for the salad. Then since they didn't have the chicken breasts, up to Save Mart for those. So, cleaning and exercise and a healthy dinner all in one day? Yikes!

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