Saturday, May 21, 2011

Don't Read This It's Boring- Well, Except the Part About the Wonderful Animal on the Side of the Road

Unless you really want to read about the new stuff in the supply shop. I'm thinking that I should do the whole promote and link back for google search stuff that we are always told we should do to get some sales, so...

While I'm listing new stuff in the shop, I'll put some of it here, too.

But, I did see something unusual and kind of wonderful this morning. I was driving up through the orchards outside of town to the post office way up by the airport and as I come to the end of the very long road that I drive up to make my turn onto the other road that goes to the post office, I see what at first I think is a big dog in the dirt field at the corner, right by the side of the road. But it's not a big dog, it is a FOX. A big red fox right by the side of the road at the edge of a big freshly plowed field. As soon as it saw me, it turned and went back into the field. I wanted to stop and watch it but there was a car right behind me and it's a very narrow road with no place to pull off on the side, but the little glimpse of it that I got to see was pretty amazing.

Anyway, here's what's new.

I did a batch of charms in an acid green color.


And a mermaid.

Big octopus.

Little scallop shells.

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