Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Told You So!

Keith has been working on fixing the fence on the side of the house, the fence that has been falling down for years now, the fence that he has always wanted to put a gate in so that it's easier to get in and out of the back yard instead of having to go in and out on the very narrow side yard that we currently have to go in and out of, the fence that really could have waited because it certainly wasn't going anywhere and has been looking bad for a long time now.

Why he chose this week to start a new project when there are about 15 unfinished projects inside the house I'll never know. I think he has project ADD or something. He could finish the bathroom cabinet project that he started a few weekends ago, the bathroom cabinet project where he was using his ladder and then left the ladder in the bedroom. The ladder that I am still tripping over and has now become a rack to hang his jacket on.

But, no the fence caught his attention (SQUIRREL!) and so he has been working on it for 3 days now. He started on Sunday when we were having gale force winds and rain. I told him that maybe he shouldn't be working outside in the gale force winds because of the possibility that the gale force winds are stirring up the dust and dirt that carry the valley fever spores around and what if he gets sick from being outside in the gale force winds and please at least wear a dust mask if you are going to be outside. For those of you outside California, valley fever is a potentially deadly airborne fungal infection that sets up in the lungs and can spread to your bones and destroy them if the infection isn't treated. Early symptoms are flu or cold like. The little fungal spores live in the ground here in the San Joaquin Valley, hence the name San Joaquin Valley Fever.

Anyway, my warnings ignored, he keeps working outside in the rain and wind and then last night his sinuses start clogging up and he's looking around for zinc to take in case he's getting a cold and I'm of course all like I TOLD YOU SO! I am so afraid of him getting sick right before his new job starts.

He's already told his brothers that if his mom's condition worsens and she doesn't pull through the pneumonia that he's going to be in training and won't be coming to any funerals or helping them sort out anything that needs to be sorted out. Sounds horrible? Not really, if you think about it, blowing off the job of a lifetime opportunity to go sit by her bed at the hospital isn't going to do either one of them much good and if she does die, going to her funeral instead of training for the new job won't do anyone much good, either. Dead people really don't much care if you come to their funeral do they? But then again, she's so ornery that she'd probably start haunting him if he doesn't show up.

But, from the latest update from son James, it looks like she is responding to the antibiotics and lung draining treatments and she will probably recover. Keith's oldest brother isn't doing so well in the health department these days , so he's not really in a position to go sit by her bed, and the middle brother thought about going down to Vegas, but he decided not to. Last time everyone went when she had the stroke or whatever it was, it was mostly them sitting around losing money because they really couldn't afford to take off work. Nothing much got done and she won't let anyone go through her finances and while it was nice for her to have her sons by her bed, she pulled through and would have pulled through whether they were there or not.

She has grandson James there with her, and he is her most favorite person in the world anyway, so it's not like she's all alone with ungrateful sons who won't come visit her.

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