Friday, March 25, 2011

Driving for Dummies

Yesterday afternoon I drove over to Target to get toilet paper and other fun stuff like that. Now, I hardly ever drive anymore, if we go somewhere Keith is usually in the driver's seat, so each time I do drive it's kind of like learning to drive all over again. So, I pull the shopping cart up to the back of the car, press the key buttons to pop open the tail gate glass and open the door, put the bags in the back and then shut the door and go put my cart in the cart rack because I'm not one of those totally lazy slobs who can't walk 10 feet to put the cart in the cart rack.

I get in and start up the car and back out of the parking space but the car starts dinging and the dome light is still on so I'm looking around to see why the car is dinging because I do have my seatbelt on and what the heck is the car dinging about? I start to drive through the parking lot and it's still dinging and the dome light is still on and I just happen to glance down at the odometer and it's flashing GLASS and I'm thinking what, does the car know if you've driven over some glass? and then I realize that I had forgotten to push the back window above the back door back down. Duh.

In other news, the side yard fence and gate project is still ongoing, with half of it done and it's only taken all week so far and I'm pretty sure it won't be finished before Keith leaves for training. And it's been raining and cold all week so why he picked this week to do this outdoor project I STILL DON'T KNOW!

But at least he hasn't been sitting on the couch watching Jerry Springer all week.

Oh, and he didn't catch valley fever after all, it must have been allergies.

And his mother is recovering from the pneumonia but while in the hospital they discovered a mass in her stomach that they should know what that is today after doing an endoscopy or something yesterday.

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DancingMooney ♥ said...

I hear ya about the husband doing most of the driving... sometimes I'm afraid I'm not as aware as I should be when I drive, since I don't do it very often anymore... at least you didn't loose any groceries! ;)