Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Building an Ark

Okay, Californians have enough to worry about what with the constant threat of earthquakes and the prediction of the 'big one' that might strike at any moment. Now we are told that we can expect massive flooding at any moment, too. So, if the earthquake doesn't get you, the flood will.

Why do researchers like to scare us with these dire predictions? So that we will be prepared and stock up on flotation devices? If there is going to be a 100 year flood here in the central valley, where the entire valley from Bakersfield to Sacramento will be filled up with 10 feet of water, what the heck kind of preparations can we make? Get lots of helicopters at the ready to go rescue people from on top of their roof? Buy huge quantities of rowboats and make sure everyone has one? Get the hell of of Dodge and head for higher ground at the first sprinkle of rain?

I don't know, but we are thinking of starting to build that ark. They are predicting 40 days and nights of rain, after all.

We finally, finally have some sunshine today. It's been so dreary and gloomy and drizzly and cold here lately and it's nice to see blue skies for a change. I was vacuuming the living room this morning and actually started to get hot from the sun streaming in the windows.

Other than worrying about floods it's been a quiet week so far. I did get a nice sale in my mimi and lucy shop yesterday, which came just in time to fill up the car with gas and pay my Etsy bills.
I had a couple of good supply shop sales, too, so things are looking up and hopefully will continue to look up.

On the other hand, my Artfire shop is just sitting there, no surprise that, but I'm about ready to give up over there. Just seems like nobody wants to shop there. I'll give it to the middle of the year and then make a decision. It's only costing me 5.95 a month, but if there are no sales, then 5.95 is even too much. So, we'll see.

And that is about it. I'm so boring.

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