Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Silly Mimi and Other Stuff

I'm up really really early today. Because at 4:30 Keith turned on the heater and I felt like I was being broiled alive in the bed. Our heater works almost too well down here in the bedroom and if you are in bed covered up in a comforter it gets really really hot.

So, I just went ahead and got up. Keith was sitting on the couch covered up in a blanket from head to toe because it was still cold out there.

As he's getting ready for work, he says in a tone of voice usually reserved for things like having to go to the dentist, oh, yeah, the company Christmas party is this weekend, isn't it? And I said, yes, in that same tone of voice of complete dread, but we ARE NOT doing the gift exchange this year. We don't buy gifts for each other, so why in the world are we buying a gift for someone you don't really know all that well and don't really want to know all that well, and in return getting some crappy dollar store last minute we have to bring a gift and this piece of crap will do. Like his battery operated massaging slippers that he got last year that were the stupidest things I'd ever seen and really uncomfortable on top of being incredibly stupid. The slippers that someone got for Christmas the year before and never used because they were so stupid and decided to re-gift them at the Christmas party so that they wouldn't have to go out and buy something new.

Anyway. Ho, ho, ho, and aren't we full of the holiday spirit this year? Keith wants to move to a country that doesn't celebrate Christmas, but I told him that then we'd have to celebrate some other holiday like fasting for a month or something.

This was weird the other day. Pepper actually allowing not one, but TWO other cats to share her couch. Although she does look somewhat annoyed by having to share.

Mimi was trying to squeeze herself into a tiny basket. She tried and tried and tried.

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PussDaddy said...

My husband has a work Christmas party too and neither one of us wants to go. Since I gained weight I don't even have anything to wear and would have to buy something. I don't want to go. It annoys me because they sort of pressure them into buying tickets whether they want to go or not. But other than that I am getting into the spirit of Christmas now.

You should try falling asleep on a couch and waking up with 3 cats asleep with you, lol. You can't even move. They get cold in the winter evidently.

Your kitties are cute, love the kitty in the basket. That was a tight fit though, lol.