Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Post Thanksgiving Stress Disorder

I actually had a VERY productive day yesterday and what is up with that? I cleaned the entire house, and I mean ENTIRE, even the shower which I really hate cleaning. Give me a toilet to clean over a shower any day. Especially a shower with glass doors that never come clean no matter what you do.

Well, almost the entire house, I have cleaning the stove on my list for today, but we'll see how that goes. And cleaning out the refrigerator is also on the list, so...

I think getting the urge to clean on Monday mornings is because Keith is home all weekend and he is sort of like the small child that you are constantly picking up after so when he finally goes back to work I want to clean up his crumbs so to speak. What is it with men fixing a snack and leaving all of the food out on the counter, not to mention numerous dirty bowls and plates and knives all around, not even all together on one counter, but spread out on every available counter anyway?

Yes, it's the small things that irritate.

Anyway, besides cleaning the ENTIRE (except for the stove and fridge) house yesterday (and even washing the sheets and two more loads of laundry) I took some pictures for the shops and mailed off a few packages. Holiday shopping must be starting in Etsyland because I have a few more packages to go today.

Here's what's new in my new Mimi and Lucy shop, also available in my Artfire shop.

Bumblebee Collage Pendant

My Fine Cat


Lion Roars

And I am making special little Mimi and Lucy boxes for all of the pendants to go in.

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PussDaddy said...

OMG I love the sister pendant!