Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Dishes and Cute Kitties and Cysts

Instead of just frittering our Christmas money away on groceries or cat food we went and got ourselves a new set of dinnerware. A complete set of dinnerware with plates and bowls and cups in it. We've never really had a complete set of dinnerware, instead using odds and ends and some cheap plastic plates that would kind of twirl around when you tried to cut your dinner up on them because they were so cheap and warped.

We had to go to quite a few stores to find some dishes that we both liked, though. I didn't want to settle for a set that were just okay, where we both looked at them and send, yeah, they're not bad, I guess they'll do. I wanted a set where we both went hey these are really nice and I really like them! I had already thrown away a bunch of our old dishes in anticipation of new dishes, so we were on a quest to find something we liked or we'd be eating our dinner right out of the pot.

We went to Target and Cost Plus and I saw some I liked at Pier One but they were kind of pricey, and then we thought we'd check out Kohls. We wandered around their dish department, seeing a set we both really liked but after looking at the price tags and adding up how much a set would cost in our heads we were about ready to give up on Kohls and then I went around the side of a display and HEY! there are some dishes on sale here that I really like! And Keith really liked them, too.

And they are ON SALE! And we both like them!

As you can see we are not much for frilly flowery plates and having square plates should be interesting. The bowls are huge and not real deep and would also work well for salads. Or a huge bowl of ice cream!

I was trying to take a picture and Mimi was all WHAT THE HELL ARE THESE THINGS AND WHERE DID THEY COME FROM! The cats are so funny when something new appears or something is in a different spot than usual, they kind of do a double take and then very cautiously investigate to make sure it's not a monster or something.

Speaking of Mimi, she and Bear were once again all curled up together on the bed.

After Keith got home yesterday we went back to Urgent Care to have my nasty wound checked and the packing string stuff removed. (Gross) The doctor said it looked good and nothing came out when he squeezed it (Gross) and to keep taking my meds and put a warm compress on it and to come back in 3-5 days to make sure it all heals up okay. It was kind of nice yesterday to sit on the couch for a while with my feet up and a hot pack on my thigh. Buddy curled up in between my legs and napped and I read for a while. I was using wet microwaved washcloths as a heat pack which is kind of awkward (and wet) and then Keith remembered this hot pack thing that he has that you put in the microwave for a minute and it holds the heat for a couple of hours. Much better than a wet washcloth.

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Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Love the new plates - we have square ones too. Only they have fish on them...