Saturday, November 13, 2010

I Need a Tricycle

Sometimes when I ride my bike I feel a little unstable, especially when the basket is full of groceries or whatever. So, I try to be extra careful when riding and don't do any wheelies or ride too fast because I feel like the bike might tip over. I was thinking that now that I'm officially a senior citizen that I should get one of those tricycle bikes with the big basket thing behind the seat so I can run my errands and get my exercise and not break a hip or something. I saw a man on one while riding one day that was really awesome, almost like a tricycle motor home with a flag and a huge basket and really comfy looking seat with a backrest.

Well, after yesterday's mishap, a tricycle is definitely in my future. Someday. When I can afford one.

I had ridden up to Save Mart to try and find something to eat for lunch and had wandered the entire store and came home with some cheese and pork rinds, everything in the store being things that I can't eat. Pork rinds have no carbs, so if you are looking for a crunchy chip type thing to eat, you can have those even if they do sound disgusting. I haven't actually eaten any of them yet, but Keith saw the bag when he got home from work and ripped it right open.

Anyway, after lunch I wanted to go over to Michaels and get some glass because I thought I'd do some soldered pendants again and I had a coupon for 20% off my entire purchase that expired yesterday, so off I went, did my shopping, and got back on the bike.

And then proceeded to fall off the bike when my pants leg got caught in the chain and I was trying to stop the bike to unhook my now ripped up pants and over I went, bike and all. Right in the middle of the parking lot in front of God and Cost Plus. A very kind woman stopped to make sure I was okay and helped me back up. I wasn't really hurt, just a few sore muscles from falling and the bike was almost stopped, and the bushes in the flower bed that I fell into kind of cushioned my fall, but how embarrassing was that?

So from now on I will be extra careful to roll up my pants leg on the chain side of the bike, looking like a total dork with one pants leg up and one down but at least I won't be crashing from pants leg and chain incidents anymore. And after I get that tricycle I won't have to worry about falling over from being off balance.

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