Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cats and No Carbs

We have this cat door in the door that goes from the kitchen to the garage. A cat door that Keith put in when the youngest three were kittens so that they could all go hang out in the garage and use the litter box that we keep out there in the hopes that they wouldn't fill up the one in the house quite as quickly. Well, the litter box part hasn't worked out all that well because they prefer to use the one in the house maybe because it's a little chilly out there in the garage sometimes.

Anyway, the cat door has a lock on it that you can set so that cats can go in and out or not go in and out or just go one way out or one way in. The biggest problem with the lock is that the cats would go through the door so fast that they would somehow trip the lock so that they would be stuck out in the garage or vice versa, trip it so that the next time they ran full force at the door expecting it to be open they would instead crash into the inadvertently locked door. So we taped the lock in the open position. Which then made it necessary for Keith to build a slot around the cat door to slide a piece of wood into to close off the door when he has the big garage door open so that cats won't get into the garage and then out into the street. That is why our cat door looks funny.

All of the cats enjoy the door with the exception of Harri who has never ever gone through the door. She wants to go out into the garage but is afraid of the cat door so she will sit by the door patiently waiting for one of us to see her and open the big door for her to go out into the garage. Where she will stay for a while and then want to come back into the house. So she will sit in the garage and stare at us through the cat door flap until we see her and go let her back in. Like this.

And speaking of litter boxes I was sitting in the workroom working on something and Bear comes in and gets in the litter box and then proceeds to dig dig dig dig dig dig dig her way to China, a huge pile of litter being generated behind her, a huge pile of litter that is sliding back into the hole that she is so fervently digging, and then she is finally satisfied with her hole and turns around to go poop but misses the hole entirely and deposits said poop on top of the huge pile of litter. And then tries to cover it up which is difficult because it's on top of said huge pile of litter. And very stinky. So stinky that I went and got a plastic bag and cleaned the litter box right then and there.

Don't we have such excitement around here?

I was googling low carb snacks yesterday trying to find something, anything that I can eat in the late afternoon or evening when it's not mealtime but I'm really really hungry because this no carb thing leaves you pretty hungry most of the time.

Here are some of the suggestions.

Celery with tuna salad.
Carrots and celery.
Hard boiled eggs.
Lettuce roll ups with lunch meat.

and my personal favorite.

Sugar free jello.

This is exactly why you will lose weight on a no carb diet. There is nothing to eat. And, I'm sorry, but when you are ravenous carrots and celery DO NOT FILL YOU UP!!!


I have lost a few more pounds according to my not so accurate bathroom scale so at least there is a little reward and incentive to continue to never eat bread (or anything else that tastes good for that matter) again.


We were talking about the Thanksgiving holiday coming up and since I can't eat anything but turkey and vegetables I think we are skipping Thanksgiving this year. Either that or we will go to Sizzler because we got an ad for their Thanksgiving dinner that only costs $11.99 and they have a salad bar so I could just eat the turkey and the salad bar for Thanksgiving. I don't think I can even have cranberry sauce with my turkey since it's full of sugar and I don't think they make a sugar free cranberry sauce and you know what, cranberry sauce is the only reason I like turkey in the first place, so on second thought I think we will just skip Thanksgiving after all.

Oh, and here is a picture of Buddy just for fun. He was sleeping next to Keith, that is why there is a big hand in the picture.

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