Monday, November 22, 2010


I love my coffee first thing in the morning. Sometimes it's the only reason to get out of bed as far as I'm concerned. So, yesterday while shopping at Winco we decided to try one of the 'gourmet' flavored coffees that come in the big bins of coffee beans that you grind yourself in their handy dandy grinder. Cinnamon Bun flavored coffee. Doesn't that sound good? So, I fill up a bag with the beans and go to put them in the grinder which is not empty and ready for my beans but full, and I mean FULL of coffee beans already. So, I have to grind up all of those beans and then just leave a bag full of ground coffee sitting there by the grinder so that I can grind up my beans. But Cinnamon Bun coffee sounds so delicious that it's totally worth the inconvenience of standing there an extra minute or so grinding up somebody else's beans so that I can grind mine, right?


Worst tasting coffee ever. So bad that after tasting it and trying to drink a cup, into the sink the rest of the coffee in the pot went and into the trash the bag of freshly and inconveniently ground cinnamon bun flavored coffee went.

But, we did have one of the most healthy looking shopping carts in the checkout lines yesterday. Which, by the way, were almost a pleasure to go through. They were prepared for a busy shopping day at Winco, what with Thanksgiving this week and it being a Sunday and everybody doing their shopping after they get out of church, and they had every single checkout open with lights shining like beacons in the night. Step right up, no waiting, and you're on your way out the door. Anyway, our cart was almost disgustingly healthy, lettuce and tomatoes and chicken and cheese and vegetables, no packaged food and certainly nothing good like cookies or chips. I decided that we'd just do a lot of salads for dinner, easy, no real cooking involved, and you can put just about anything on a salad. And in between the salads, some chicken and vegetables or whatever. I tell you what, if I didn't get so stinking hungry, I'd just quit eating, it's getting that boring. And sometimes quite constipating, what with cheese being a major food group these days.

Speaking of grocery shopping, I thought that maybe I should start stockpiling freezable and canned stuff for the possible lean times ahead if Keith gets the railroad job. I figured I'd buy two of everything each time I shop and have special lean times shelves in the freezer and pantry, then when we are totally broke all we'd need to buy would be lettuce for our salads. Good idea, no?

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