Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cats in Your Pants

What is it with cats and pants anyway? Keith lays his work pants on the bed to go take his shower and within about 5 seconds, someone is stretched out on them. It's not even the funky smell of dirty work pants that attracts them, these are clean pants that he changed into at work before coming home. I guess they still have that I love my human smell and if I can't be actually on you I'll settle for your pants thing, though. How contented Mimi looks.

Yesterday was a day that reminded me what online selling is supposed to be all about, with six, count them SIX packages to go out in the mail. It's been a long long time since I had six whole packages in one day. That must have been my Christmas Rush, there.

Speaking of Etsy and cats named Mimi, I'm debating on whether to open a fresh new shop on Etsy exclusively for the soldered pendants that I started doing again. I am really tired of the geelizzie shop name and would like to have a more cutesy shop name and theme. I want to do one of a kind pendants with romantic or retro themes and incorporating fabrics, lace, trims and such into them. I was playing around with some last night, making the little collages to go under the glass. I want the shop name to be mimi and lucy and have a mimi and lucy logo on the backs of the pendants. So, I checked to make sure there wasn't a mimi and lucy shop on Etsy yet and got an email set up for it. I'm deciding whether to open before or after geelizzie on Etsy gets closed after the holidays. We'll see, sometimes the best laid plans and all that.

And now it's time for lets link back to Artfire. Here's what's new.

Lily of the Valley antiqued brass pendant.

Big Octopus Antiqued Brass Pendant.

Ribbon Bow Antiqued Brass Pendant.

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Those are very pretty.