Saturday, October 9, 2010

So Bored

I can't think of anything that I feel like doing. Not that there is much to do anyway.

We've already been on a bike ride today and have already done the laundry that needed doing and have already done what little grocery shopping we could afford to do and have already started dinner in the oven and I've already read a book. I don't have any supplies to make anything and don't feel like doing that anyway since nothing much is selling these days so what's the point. I added up what I've made and what I've spent for the year so far and have not made any profit so no more buying supplies, not that I have any money for supplies right now anyway.

Whine whine whine.

I had one small order going to Australia this morning so we had to drive all the way to the post office after getting some money out of savings to buy gas for the week because our checking account is empty until next Friday. I thought the post office opened at 9, but we got there and nobody was in line because they don't open until 10 on Saturdays so we just wasted 7 miles worth of gas and still had to go back later when they opened at 10. As we were driving to the post office we saw a Farmer's Market in the parking lot of a restaurant/strip mall place and thought it might be kind of fun to go to a Farmer's Market and it's not that far from the house so we could just ride the bikes there and get in our exercise for the day. So, after we got home from the wasted trip to the post office we got the bikes out and rode over to the Farmer's Market. It wasn't a very big Farmer's Market but the strip mall/restaurant place is only a few years old and is very nice and in an upscale part of town so it was an upscale kind of Farmer's Market I guess. Everything looked delicious of course, lots of tomatoes and squash and honey and nuts and bread and even a cheese booth. We ended up getting some cheese and a loaf of very pricey bread for Keith's lunches this week. Pricey bread but I tasted a little of it and damn that bread is good! I also had a sample of dried strawberries which sounds weird but tastes wonderful, so I got a little bag of those and some dried fruit trail mix. There were lots of other things I would have liked to have gotten, but that old not much money in our pockets got in the way like usual. We are considering riding down there again next Saturday and just getting free samples from everyone and making a meal out of it like Sam's Club shoppers do.

Anyway, that was the highlight of our day.

After the bike ride we went back to the post office and then stopped at Winco for some lunch meat and milk and stuff and that's the least amount of groceries I've ever bought at Winco. I had a budget of $50.00 and ended up spending $34.00 of it. $34.00 doesn't get you much in the way of groceries, that's for sure.

Our budget got messed up this month because of the expensive blood work bill for me, and then today we get Keith's expensive blood work bill in the mail, so there goes the rest of the budget right there.

Whine, whine, whine.


I was totally shocked the other day to see Harri sleeping on the couch with Buddy just a foot or two away. Harri is the extremely Timid One and Buddy is the Bully so it's unusual to see Harri anywhere near him.

We call Harri our little vampire cat because of her two teeth that stick out the top of her mouth, very vampire fangy, so I played around in Picnic and gave her some bloody vampire teeth and vampire eyes in honor of Halloween coming up.

Speaking of Halloween, we are really tempted to just turn off the lights this year so we don't have to buy any candy. Candy that we usually eat before Halloween and then have to go buy more.

Here's Buddy looking especially disdainful.

Or just sleepy.

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Shelly said...

The picture where you cat is with fangs looks so funnyyy!! XDD