Monday, October 11, 2010

Chocolate Pudding

Last night after dinner we both wanted something sweet (chocolatey), but we had nothing sweet or chocolatey in the cupboards or fridge. Then I remembered the box of sugar free instant chocolate pudding mix that has been patiently waiting on the shelf for enough milk in the fridge to whip it up. Mmm....chocolate pudding would hit the spot and it's supposed to be ready to eat in 5 minutes. So, I mixed up the chocolate pudding and put it in the fridge to impatiently wait for that 5 minutes to be up, and after 5 minutes eagerly went to my bowl of chocolatey goodness and it was NOT ready to eat but instead was chocolate soup.

Lesson learned. You have to use real milk for your chocolate pudding, not almond milk.

We used to buy lactose free/fat free milk, which tastes pretty watery but not bad on your oatmeal or cereal. Keith thinks that he is lactose intolerant but he eats cheese by the pound and that doesn't bother him, so I think it's all in his head, but anyway. We saw this almond milk in the dairy case at the store and decided to try it, it being non dairy and lactose free and all. The original flavor (they also have vanilla) is only 60 calories a cup, it does have a little fat in it but I'm assuming that comes from the almonds so it's a good fat or whatever. It tastes really good, different than cow's milk but richer and creamier than the fat free milk. More satisfying. But you can't make chocolate pudding out of it.

I did drink some of the chocolate pudding soup because I really wanted some chocolate.

Yesterday wasn't quite so boring as Saturday, I did go make a bunch of paper gift boxes just for something to do. They aren't exactly flying off the shelf in my shops, though, so I don't know if I'll even bother listing them. I had the paper and glue here already so at least it was something to do that I didn't have to go buy supplies for on my otherwise nothing much to do Sunday.

I'm seriously thinking about closing my etsy shop at the end of the year if sales don't improve greatly and soon. I haven't sold anything in a week there and just can't keep spending 20c over and over again in the hopes of making some small sale. It costs me $60.00 a month in fees there for the few sales I get. The supply shop does seem to be picking up some and I know how well supplies sell on Etsy, it's just getting the inventory built up and spending the money in listing fees. We'll see how the 'Christmas Rush' goes this year on the jewelry shop and then probably just let everything expire if things aren't looking up.

My bike is making weird loud embarrassing noises when I ride it, the brakes are sticking or something and Keith was supposed to take a look at it and fix it but he forgot of course. It's like the brakes are dragging on the wheel, making it harder to ride and making very loud grinding noises. I am going to write ourselves a note so that I remember to have him look at it today. We both are starting to have serious memory issues unless we write it down. If we can remember where the piece of paper is that we wrote the note down on that is.

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PussDaddy said...

My God almond milk sounds horrific, blech! That is easy for me to say tho as I have a carton of Death By Chocolate ice cream in the freezer. Milk bothers me sometimes then other times it doesn't. Sorry to hear you may be closing your shop. I hope things pick up and you don't have to close it. They said on the news that Walmart was going to be the store of choice this year for the most people ever though because of the economy. I hope you get your bike fixed and I can relate to the memory problem stuff.