Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Strange Story in the News and Other Stuff

I was wondering if the Bob and Tom radio show that we listen to in the mornings here in these parts would pick up on this totally bizarre Bakersfield news story and I wasn't disappointed today. They did indeed talk about this very strange and disturbing story.

A woman doctor, who you'd think is fairly intelligent because she was a DOCTOR after all, died after climbing down into a chimney in an attempt to break into her estranged boyfriend's home last week. Her boyfriend who was not even home at the time but way far away in Belgium. She put a ladder against the house and slid down into the chimney and suffocated as her body slid lower and lower and was compressed more and more by the brick chimney. The only way they found her was because of the smell that the housesitter noticed after a few days. They had to completely take apart the chimney to get her out of there.


It made me wonder how many children suffocate in chimneys each year because of the whole Santa coming down the chimney thing and maybe we should stop telling people that Santa gets into your house that way because when a full grown otherwise intelligent woman thinks that sliding down a chimney is a good way to break into a house something is terribly terribly wrong.

Anyway. Strange indeed.

I feel like I'm getting a tune up or something, I've been to the doctor for my pap and all that, to the blood lab for bloodletting, I have a mammogram this afternoon, and yesterday I was at the dentist. Which turned out to be a very expensive visit but also a good visit at the same time. I've been going to the dentist every 3 months for periodontal maintenance deep cleanings because I have 'deep pockets' or whatever and had gum disease. This dental office that we go to seems to have a big turnover in dentists, which is starting to make me wonder what exactly is the problem in keeping dentists there, and the dentist that I've seen the last 4 or 5 times is no longer there so once again I've got a new dentist. And he says that my gums look great with no gum disease and my teeth looked really good with no plaque and no cavities. And the crack in my tooth that they kept telling me needed a crown on it is no big deal at the moment and any crowning can certainly wait, the crack is actually in the filling in the tooth and most of the filling is fine for now. I was telling him that I did have that gum surgery a few years back and the bone loss that I've had and he says that there are three reasons for bone loss, gum disease (which I don't have anymore) grinding your teeth, which apparently I do, and just plain old GETTING OLD which I definitely am. So.

He recommended a mouth guard and a deep cleaning with irrigation (?) and antibiotics and the Arestin stuff that they put in the gum that dissolves over a few days so that my gums will be all sparkly clean and bacteria free. Well, the mouth guard cost almost $400.00 so that was a big NO NOT RIGHT NOW THANKYOUVERYMUCH, and the rest of the treatment was $500.00, but I really should get it done even though I can't afford it, so on the credit card it went and I got half of my mouth all cleaned out and antibiotic filled and I'll go back to get the other half done because they numb you up a little so it doesn't hurt when they are shooting supersonic jets of water under your gums.

So anyway.

At least I don't have any cavities and all that teeth brushing and flossing must be paying off in the gum disease department.

And I hope this dentist sticks around a little longer than all the others have because this having a new dentist every few years is getting old.

And I won't be quite as nervous when I go back in a few weeks for the second half of the old gum cleaning out thing because IT DIDN'T HURT! this time.

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CapriciousCat said...

You know how people are always saying, "Now I've heard it all"? Well, now I've heard it all. What a horrid way to die...but what was she thinking?