Monday, August 30, 2010

It's Official

In some circles I am now considered a senior citizen. Today I am 55, and I can order off of the senior menu at Coco's now. I wonder if I'll get carded.

I think I can get into the movies at the senior rate, too, not that we can afford to go to the movies any time soon.

Senior discounts are about the only good things that I can think of about turning 55. Eeek.

Anyway, it's also our wedding anniversary, combining the two dates made sense to me thinking that it would be easier for both of us to remember the date, but I can't remember what year it was that we got married and have to keep asking Keith how many years it's been. He says we got married in 2003 so it looks like it's been 7 years. I'll take his word for it and go with 7.

I think we are going to go out for dinner tonight even though we can't really afford it but it would be nice not to have to cook on my birthday/anniversary. Nothing fancy, and not Coco's because even with the enticement of the senior menu, I'm a little tired of Coco's. I think we will go across town to Mimi's Cafe where they have the best corn chowder in the world and a really good asian chicken salad. And muffins.

We had a very pleasant weekend what with the cooler weather and a washing machine that works again. Yesterday afternoon we went for a little bike ride around the neighborhoods and then stopped at Starbucks for a frosty frozen coffee treat and I even had a mini scone that was really really good. Then we watched the Emmys while dinner was cooking. I don't think I've ever watched the Emmys before and it was actually fun to watch up until all the awards for movies and miniseries that I've never seen or heard of since we don't get any premium channels. Al Pacino really needed to shut the hell up though. On and on and on he went.

I did some cleaning in the workroom yesterday, organizing the cabinets and tossing a bunch of junk. I'm not quite done but the workbench top is actually empty of everything except a pencil/scissors holder and there are even labels on some of the cupboard doors. I'll probably finish that up today. Maybe.

And that's about it, time to clean the cat boxes again. If we ever get rich I'm going to get one of those self cleaning cat boxes, or hire someone just to come in and clean them for me.


CapriciousCat said...

Well, happy birthday AND happy anniversary! Enjoy your day and your dinner. :)

DancingMooney ♥ said...


I'm game for hiring someone to clean the cat boxes, too... LOL. I used to have one of those electronic ones, and found it to be just as much work... so I got rid of it. Thankfully I got it used {but well cleaned} from a friend, who also thought it wasn't worth the money, so she sold it to me for cheap. garh. Poop eat and sleep, that's all they do, isn't it? *giggles*

PussDaddy said...

Happy Anniversary!

Isn't it odd how senior citizen status age lowers all the time?


PussDaddy said...

Oh and happy birthday, too.


Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Happy Birthday one day late! I did think of you yesterday, does that count? 55 though? Holy shit. Right behind you. Well 5.5 years anyway.