Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pillow Boxes and Snow Leopards

Keith was flipping channels last night trying to find something to watch on TV and the choices were pretty dismal indeed, especially considering that all we have are the basic channels, no cable, no HBO or Showtime. He found one channel that had two very strange looking women cutting up an old sweater or something to make insoles for shoes. Why in the world would you spend that much time sewing up insoles for your shoes I don't know, but they were showing us step by step how to make them and the best? part was when they were cutting up a sweater sleeve and saying how it would 'miraculously' lay flat after you cut along the seam. A sweater sleeve laying flat is not exactly what I would call a miracle. But whatever.

Anyway, he finally settled on PBS and we watched a show about these photographers spending four years in the Himalayas tracking snow leopards. That's dedication there. They figured out the snow leopard's traveling paths by sniffing rocks for snow leopard scent and finding snow leopard poop and tracks and then set up motion sensitive cameras to see if they could catch the snow leopards on film. And they did. The leopards had one rock overhang in particular that they would mark by rubbing it with their face and then marking with their spray to show the other snow leopards whose territory it was. We were reminded of Buddy going around the house rubbing every corner of every wall and now know where he gets it from. His snow leopard ancestors. I'm really glad he is fixed though so he's not going around spraying on everything like the snow leopards were.

It was a pretty interesting show even if it did remind me of back when we were kids watching Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom because there were no cartoons on or something.

Pillow Boxes. Yes, I did get some listed in the shop. Who knows if they will sell, this month is not exactly starting out with record sales or anything, if it hadn't been for having a clearance sale I don't think I would have sold anything at all. I'm really starting to wonder if it's not time to give Etsy a break for a while. Spending money on supplies and listing fees without selling much is not a good business plan.

Anyway, here's the boxes.

These ones were made from an old music book

And these from a 70's book about fish.

Now off to go clean my little snow leopard's litter boxes.

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CapriciousCat said...

I remember Marlin Perkins. Up here in Canada, Wild Kingdom used to be shown on Sunday nights, after the Wonderful World of Disney, if I remember correctly. I have a very distinct memory of Marlin and his sidekick Jim wrestling a HUGE anaconda somewhere in the Amazon. Ugh...still gives me shivers.

Your pillow boxes are adorable, by the way! I hope they sell by the truckload.