Wednesday, August 11, 2010


No, not me although I am tempted sometimes to curl up with the cats. I've never liked taking naps, it seems like I always wake up feeling worse than before the nap, so it's not something I do. Keith is a good napper and can fall asleep almost anywhere, like when he sits out front in our cheap plastic chairs and falls asleep, usually with his glasses askew on his face if he's been reading, or a can of beer in his hand. I'm sure some of our neighbors kind of wonder about him. No, not me napping, but Mimi choosing a really odd place for her snooze, right on top of my dresser where there is just barely enough room for her petite little body.

She's such a sweet little thing, never gives us any trouble (unlike Buddy) and loves to play with cheap toys like a ball of wadded up paper. She's not a lap cat but prefers to ride around on your shoulder and purr like it's the best thing in the world. If I have a favorite out of our six it's probably her. And Bear, too. Oh, and the rest of them, even cranky Pepper.

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