Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Not Much...

...going on around here. Which seems to be a recurring theme this summer. We are boring.

The most exciting thing this week so far was watching America's Got Talent last night. I was amazed by the magician who made the tiger appear in the big glass box. How DID he do that anyway? But what else I wonder is where he got the tiger in the first place. Do they have a company that rents out tigers for magicians somewhere? Probably, you can rent just about anything these days. And how did they get the tiger back out of the big glass box? Tempting him with the tiger version of kitty treats, a big bloody steak or something? Anyway.

Speaking of renting things, there was a commercial on TV for a local rent to own place and they were showing mattresses that you could rent to own and I was kind of creeped out by that. Could someone have rented out your mattress before you and had it repossessed when they couldn't afford to rent it anymore? Eew.

Even our cats are kind of bored these days. I bought them a new fuzzy mouse toy thing that hangs from the top of the door, one of those toys that is supposed to provide hours of play for your kitties but in reality they bat around for a few minutes and then ignore. Bear actually played with it for a little while yesterday but then stopped as soon as she saw me watching her. She gets kind of embarrassed when caught playing with something like she is just too mature and sophisticated to be caught playing with a silly fuzzy mouse toy.

We stocked up on cat food yesterday. Keith had won a $25.00 gift card for Albertsons grocery store at a safety meeting at work for being extra safe or something, a gift card to a store that we never shop in. So, we needed cat food and thought we might as well check out Albertsons and use the gift card to buy the cat food. We were not impressed with Albertsons, it's a nice store and all but the prices seemed even higher than Vons, which are pretty high, and apart from the name of the store I did feel like I was shopping at Vons. The Albertsons is near the golf course and lakeside parts of this neighborhood here and apparently caters to golf course and fancy lakeside house type people. Not Winco type people like me.

But now we have a huge mega bag of cat food and won't have to buy anymore for a while.


PussDaddy said...

OMG that rent to own stuff should be shut down. They prey on poor people. By the time they pay for whatever they rented they could have bought 4 of the same thing just outright buying it, after allt he finance charges and stuff.


PussDaddy said...

I always thought Albertson's was too high too. Ours closed and became a No Frills.