Monday, July 26, 2010

Just Another Monday

Mondays not being all that different from any other day of the week when you don't have a job, but...

It's typically the day that I try to get the house all clean and sparkly which just might happen today. Maybe. I did start a load of laundry already and it's only 8 am.

Keith spent ALL DAY yesterday (well, the whole afternoon and evening anyway because we did go for a bike ride in the morning and stuff) working on hooking up a new antenna for the TV. We had an antenna for years that just kind of laid on top of the entertainment center and when a channel wouldn't come in we would jiggle the thing around and every so often it would fall off and just kind of hang there by its cord. Well, a few weekends ago he got really mad at it and threw it on the floor and something came loose inside it and it just wasn't quite the same not so great antenna anymore, so...we bought a new bigger and better antenna. That really needed to be attached to the roof outside for optimum TV viewing. A new antenna that sat on the cat's condo for about a week because that's where it got the best reception, much to the consternation of the cats who were wondering why this rather large metal thing with a big long cord was taking naps on their condo. A cord that you were in danger of decapitating yourself with if you were trying to get to the back door to take the trash out.

So, anyway, yesterday was lets get this antenna properly hooked up day, which of course necessitated not one but two separate trips to Home Depot to pick up cables and wall box things and assorted screws and whatever else. And each time Keith goes to Home Depot he is gone for at the very least an hour or two because Home Depot is The World of Wonder when it comes to Keith shopping there, with each nut and bolt having to be inspected and each packet of cable or wall plate having to be price and quality compared.

There is no cable outlet on the wall where our TV is, so holes were cut into the wall and the back of the house, and cables were strung, and outlet plates were screwed in and more trips to Home Depot were made, and then finally by about 9 pm the TV was up and running again. With a real antenna that has a specially made by Keith bracket on the roof.

And that was our weekend.

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Broken China Treasures said...

Oh, I love Home Depot and Lowes! You can't believe all the funky jewelry ideas I can come up with when I inspect every nut, bolt and weird little thing that can be found there (not to mention great prices on lead free solder - just wish they carried the type with a trace of silver in it). Oh, and I can't go in without stopping at the tile department, just to see if there might be any leftovers that I could use in a mosaic project...a mosaic project that probably won't ever be finished (or started)!!

Anyways, those types of stores are a great way to waste away a few hours!