Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sunday Morning and What in the World (were they thinking) Wednesday

Yes, I know it's not Sunday morning, but this past Sunday morning we actually did something before it got too hot and we got too lazy. After vacation and zooing and since Keith had to go back to a full week's work on Monday we were trying to think of something (cheap) to do. We decided to go take a walk around downtown's new Mill Creek Park. Now, Bakersfield's downtown is not much to look at, what with empty buildings and pawn shops and the homeless population, but they are trying to revitalize the area. Trying their best but I'm of the opinion that it's kind of a lost cause. Downtown Bakersfield is pretty far gone, very spread out, and in general not much to look at. But they did build a really nice park and we thought we should go take a look before it's destroyed by graffiti and trash.

It is really nice, spanning a few blocks with walkways on both sides of what was originally a canal, with fountains and ducks and a bridge. I don't think there was ever a mill there, but the name sounds picturesque.

We parked in the Mexicali Restaurant's parking lot, I love their sign and we thought that next time we want to go out for Mexican food, we'll come here and then take a walk after dinner. If we're not too full, that is.

We walked up one side of the park and back down the other. I was really impressed by the landscaping and numerous benches. And of course the numerous signs warning that you shouldn't go into the water because the currents are swift. I'm sure they'll have a few drownings because people can't read signs.

Duck mama, daddy, and half grown baby.

More ducks. They had to paddle fast to stay in the same place. Yes, the current is indeed swift.

Covered bridge. We were thinking that we should have brought some bread or popcorn to feed the ducks with and did see duck feeding going on, but then we saw the big sign that explains why you SHOULD NOT feed the ducks, so...

Mama and baby duck bottoms. So cute!

Next time we go to visit the park, I'm going to have Keith wear this man cowl that was featured on Etsy's front page. Yeah, right.

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Well, it looks nice for right now anyway.