Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cookies that Didn't get Eaten?

I have a tupperware container full of cookies in the cupboard. They have been in there for well over a week. I've never had a container full of cookies sit in the cupboard for more than a few days, never mind well over a week. Even with just the two of us here, cookies don't last long because cookies are GOOD! But not these cookies.

And, no, I didn't bake these cookies myself, that doesn't happen all that often around here. Although I did find a recipe for low sugar Peanut Butter and Pretzel Truffles on the Eating Well site yesterday and my mouth is wanting a Peanut Butter and Pretzel Truffle right now because it sounds so GOOD, but I haven't tried the recipe yet, so who knows.

No, these cookies came from the bakery at Winco, and you know what? They are awful. How can cookies actually baked in a store's bakery taste so bad? Cookies! How do you screw up cookies? The cookies that Vons and Save Mart bake are wonderfully delicious and kind of addicting but these Winco cookies are just blah. And how do you make a chocolate chip cookie taste so blah anyway?

Now, I like Winco for a lot of things, first of all the prices really are way way lower than Vons on your basic stuff, which is all Winco carries, definitely no gourmet stuff in that store. They also always have boneless chicken breasts at the everyday price of $1.99 a pound, which is Vons once in a while sale price, regular being twice that much and I won't buy them at Vons unless they are on sale. Winco also carries big packages of boneless Farmer John pork chops, enough chops for about 3 meals for us at around $8.00 for the whole package. Big, thick boneless chops, and the best most tenderest chops I've ever eaten. I'm never buying pork chops anywhere else from now on, these are so good.

But, the bakery cookies? Nope, never again. I'll either bake my own (ha ha) or make a special trip to Vons for cookies. Or just bake my own, much healthier I'm sure. Maybe. But not today.

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