Friday, May 28, 2010

To The Vet

Poor old Harri has been sneezing so we've got to take her to the vet this afternoon. I was really surprised that they had any open appointments today what with the long weekend coming up and all. I guess cats are like little kids who always get sick when the doctor's office is closed.

We were totally negligent parents last year with only Bear and Pepper getting vet visits. We just plain old couldn't afford to take the rest of them for their yearlies. So everybody else is way overdue for checkups and annual shots. We'll start scheduling one a month while we're paying for today's visit and hopefully be able to afford each cat getting their shots and all. At least we don't have to send them to college or go to endless soccer games.

Slow slow slow week for sales. I decided to offer free shipping in my artfire shop and see if that will jumpstart some sales over there. I have 2 so far, which isn't bad for artfire. I really like their features, though, and the fact that your listings are submitted to google shopping for you. I don't get why etsy can't do the same. Sorry, etsy, but I'm becoming a little disillusioned with you. On artfire it was a snap to change all the listings to free shipping, they have a global editor feature and with a few clicks you are all done and your pictures automatically get a little 'free shipping' banner put on them with those few clicks. That way anybody browsing the site will easily see that you are offering free shipping and they also have a free shipping click on to browse all the offerings. Listing is super easy, too, one page and a minute or two and you're all done!

Other than that I've just been trying to get enthusiastic about making things and keeping the house sort of clean. We have no food so I have to figure up a (cheap) menu for the next week and go buy some food tomorrow. I'm not inspired as to what to eat.

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PussDaddy said...

Does Harri have allergies? I hope sales pick up.