Monday, April 12, 2010

Thanks Linda!

On Saturday we did something new for us and went to the Scottish Festival slash Highland Games or whatever it's called here in Bakersfield. Sister Linda drove all the long boring way up here from Ventura to take us and we thank her for doing that!

We saw lots of festively dressed people in kilts and heard lots of bagpipes and Celtic music and ate some fish and chips and shopped the vendor booths. It was a nice day for Bakersfield, not too hot and nice and breezy. I bought some damson plum jam made in the UK, a little different from the plum jam you get here, not quite so sweet, and some Scottish breakfast tea which is very good. There were some very cute toddlers wearing their kilts and bouncing to the music, and one who had his own drum drumming along with the band. It was funny to see a man smoothing out the back of his kilt before he sat down. And funny to see a man in a kilt wearing flip flops.

It was a good thing that they didn't have the festival on Sunday because it was crazy windy here yesterday with the air so full of dirt blowing in from the fields that you could taste it. Keith had to go out and stake up one of our little trees so it wouldn't blow right out of the ground. If it had been that windy on Saturday you would have easily found out what men wear under their kilts!

Anyway, nice way to spend a day, we really should get out more!

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Jennifer said...

I wanted to come up and go to it but no money!! I did get to go to a hockey game though. Dad had an extra ticket!!