Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Free is Nice!

If you get your taxes done by H&R Block and a real live person calls you a day or two later wanting you to take a survey on your H&R Block 'experience', by all means TAKE THE SURVEY! I answered a few questions rating the job our preparer did and at the end of the survey was asked for our address so that they could send us a $25.00 gift card as a thank you. Which we got a few days ago. Which we went and bought new pillows with.

Keith had been complaining about the state of our bed pillows, bed pillows that we've had for I don't know how many years, bed pillows that were lumpy with permanent indents in the shapes of our heads, bed pillows that were so flattened out that we had to use two pillows just to make them the size of one pillow. It was definitely time for new ones.

Along with our $25.00 gift card I also had a $10.00 coupon for Kohl's so we went there to check out the pillows and they were having a buy one get one free sale on the pillows so we looked around at them and found some that we liked but then looked at the price tag and almost fell over. $69.00 for a bed pillow? What? Even at buy one get one, $69.00 is more that I'd spend on a whole set of sheets plus comforter, never mind one lousy pillow. We finally found some at $19.99 that looked fairly good quality and even $19.99 is like twice what I've ever spent on a bed pillow before, but with the buy one get one that's a way more agreeable price.

Then we looked at the bath hand towels and blanched at the prices on some of those, too, but found some on sale for $2.99 which is my normal hand towel price range, so we got four new hand towels for the bathroom and went to check out.

It worked out perfectly with our $10.00 coupon and $25.00 gift card paying for the pillows and hand towels with $1.24 left on the gift card which Keith was going to just throw away but I used it when I went to buy groceries.

So now we have big new bed pillows which I'm happy with so far especially since they were free!


PussDaddy said...

Oh I just bought new bed pillows too. I have some that I can't get rid of because they have that cut up foam that I can't find anymore, now they are all one big foam lump, so I keep those. But others you can get for $2 to $3 here so I basically consider them disposable and just buy them and toss them as needed. I hate it when they get all flat and indented though so out they go.


Anonymous said...

Hey yay for new bed pillows! I've been telling my husband we need some too, but he's not listening. Instead he folds his pillow in half and sleeps peacefully for the rest of the night. How he does this, I have no idea. Maybe I'll just go buy 'me' a new bed pillow and call it good. Ha!