Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tax Time

Every year we stress for a few months until we get our taxes done and find out just exactly how many more pounds of flesh good old Uncle Sam wants from us. From New Year's Day until the end of March when we have our tax appointment we live in a state of constant fear of the IRS.

Well, this year, thanks to losing money on my business and overtime having been cut off at Keith's work, we didn't make as much money and didn't have to pay self employment taxes, and we had extra money taken out of Keith's paychecks and having survived our worst year ever, WE ARE ACTUALLY GETTING A REFUND!!!

Whew, what a load off my mind that was. We were totally prepared for bad news, we always get bad news when it comes to taxes, and getting good news for a change was so very nice indeed.

Now we can pay off that credit card that got run up when cars broke and doctor bills needed to be paid, and we can take the cats to the vet for their shots, which we skipped last year, and I can pay for the crown that I need on my tooth, and we can get some new hand towels instead of using a washcloth for a towel, and then save the rest for next year when things will go back to normal and we'll have to pay on our taxes again.

I do feel so much better now and once again have hope for the future.


I am wondering if our state refund check will be cashable or if it will be an IOU, though.

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CapriciousCat said...

I'm so happy for you. You two deserve a break!