Friday, April 2, 2010

New Stuff on Etsy

I've been doing lots of gluing lately. I got some really great vintage books on etsy and ebay with florals and bugs and birds in them and have been surrounded in paper. I had an idea while trying to get to sleep the other night, and actually remembered it in the morning.

I've got lots of the kraft paper gift boxes from when all of my pendants went out in gift boxes. Now that my pendants are shipped out in fancy little cello bags with shredded paper inside and stickers closing the bag the boxes were just sitting in the cabinet. So, why not decorate the tops of the boxes with little collages and see if it's a sellable idea?

So, I did.

The boxes are available here:

I figured I'd make them up in sets of two coordinating boxes and price them reasonably but enough to where I sort of get paid for my time cutting and gluing, and we'll see if there is any interest in something like this. It's basically free for me to make them since the boxes were paid for a few years ago and I'm using scrap paper and papers that aren't really suitable for a pendant or whatever. I have huge amounts of the long skinny watch or bracelet type boxes like in the second picture. I had to buy them in quantities of 100 from the wholesale box company hence the huge amounts still in the cupboard.

I also got a kids book about microscopes with little round pictures of what you might see under the microscope and thought they would make perfect geeky pendants.

Soon to be available here:

Speaking of things etsy, the sheer number of things on etsy that use trademarked or copyrighted images is just astounding. This one really takes the cake. These computer decals are really really popular and while I don't get all up in arms when I see all of the ones that violate a copyright, like the disney snow white one that sells like hotcakes, this one was just too much. The watermark over the picture is what gets me.

I'm sorry, but you did not design Peter Griffin, and if you did, you would be so rich that you wouldn't need to be selling his image on etsy.

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amen sister!