Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hair Balls and Cat Poop

Ah, nothing like waking up on a sunny Saturday morning to find cat vomit and a big hair ball on your workroom chair. Right where you sit.

And nothing like going to clean the cat box and finding out that somebody must have hung their butt over the side of the box instead of inside the box where it belongs, leaving you a good morning present to clean up.


Looks like it is going to be a beautiful day today.

Keith is supposed to work on the floor again this weekend.

I had to call the dentist on Thursday because he had been waking up in the middle of the night in pain from the work that they did on Monday. That is not normal. They told him to come on in so they could take a look at it and apparently sitting in the dentist's chair with your mouth held open by rubber blocks for three hours is not good for your jaw. He got a prescription for motrin to unlock his jaw and one for vicodin so that he could sleep at night. So far it's helping but he is still in pain. He's just about fed up with this dentist, even she said that keeping him there for so long was her fault. I'm just about fed up with them, too. Don't double book your appointments to where one dentist is working on five mouths all at once, okay?

Anyway, it really is supposed to be a nice weekend for us here, sunny and warm, so despite cat poop and hair balls starting out my day, here's to the rest of the day!

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PussDaddy said...

yes I have had plenty of both lately myself.

I hope your husband's tooth gets better.