Friday, April 30, 2010

Compostable Chip Bags?

I bought some sun chips last week at the grocery store, not because they come in a new compostable bag, but because sun chips taste good and they were on sale. Sometimes you just need some chips to go with your grilled cheese sandwich.

I've always liked sun chips and unlike potato chips it is easy to stop at a handful, maybe because sun chips don't have whatever addictive substance they put into potato chips that makes you want more more more? I don't buy chips of any kind all that often, but every once in a while I want some crunchy goodness that has relatively no nutritional value.

So, is the new compostable packaging a good selling point for sun chips? We don't compost, so compostable makes no difference to me and I have a feeling that people who do compost don't eat chips too often. Unless it is chips made with their home grown and stone ground grains.

The only advantage to the compostable bag that I can see is that you won't eat too many chips because the bag is so loud and crinkly that everyone in the house not to mention everyone in your neighborhood can hear you opening the bag and will know what a glutton you are if you eat the whole bag. Plus it's so loud you can't mindlessy eat sun chips while watching tv because nobody will be able to hear what's going on what with you repeatedly reaching into the very loud very crinkly bag. Seriously, it's LOUD. And CRINKLY.

Of course you could just empty the bag into a big bowl and only crinkle once.

The crunching is pretty loud too, though. My favorite is the garden salsa flavor, which Keith doesn't like, which means that the bag of garden salsa sun chips is MINE ALL MINE! I do buy him his own bag of his favorite flavor though, because I'm nice like that.

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Anonymous said...

I keep hearing everyone say the same thing... the bags are loud! Funny. I think even if you don't compost it's still peace of mind that they are bio-degradable in our trash bins right? I think.