Thursday, March 4, 2010

Odd News Happenings

Things get stolen all the time around here, cars, televisions, jewelry, anything that can be easily sold for a little crack money, but this story that we heard on the news last night is rather daring, and rather odd.

Seems a single wide mobile home was stolen right off the lot in Mojave, which is a little desert town over the mountains from us. Here's the article:

Yes, it’s a mobile home. But that doesn’t mean you should drive off with it.

Kern County sheriff’s deputies were on the lookout Tuesday for a mobile home that went missing from an office lot on Highway 14 in Mojave. Statewide Homes of Grass Valley was preparing to open the 50-foot-long, 11-foot-wide modular home as an office last month when someone drove off with it.

At least one eyewitness saw a tow truck lower the home from its stands and tow it away on the night of Feb. 18 – no small feat, considering it weighs 20,000 pounds, said Sheri Murray, the company’s president.

"They're homes on wheels, but they're not supposed to be that mobile," she said. After waiting patiently for nearly two weeks, the company decided to go public with an appeal for help. The mobile home is worth $45,000, Murray said, and it cannot be claimed by insurance until it is found.

Statewide Homes is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the whereabouts of the home, a tan-colored Fleetwood painted with green trim. It features a full-sized kitchen, bathroom, one bedroom and two porches.

“I'm thinking somebody is meaning to live in it,” Murray said. “So I’m hoping whoever has seen a new house move in will call.”

Anyone with more information may call the Kern County Sheriff’s Department at (661) 861-3110. Officials have already received several calls from people who think they’ve seen the mobile home in the area.

The 16-foot-tall home should be easier to spot than most stolen objects, such as electronics or jewelry, but there is not an overwhelming sense of optimism. It has been weeks since the crime

And besides, Murray notes, “they've got miles and miles of desert out there.”

Weird, huh? That takes some cojones to just go hook up and drive off with a single wide, but I'm thinking somebody needed a place to be cooking up all that crack and the desert is indeed a good place to do that, nobody around for miles and miles and miles.

This is what it looks like, not bad for a mobile home, I do like the big windows and porch. So, if you see it be sure and give the police a call!

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