Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Itty Bitty Egg Sandwich

I used my new teeny tiny itty bitty egg pan this morning for the first time and it does indeed make a perfect round fried egg and since I put a little olive oil in the pan first and smeared it around with a paper napkin, it was even easy to flip it over because I like my eggs flipped over so they aren't too runny and disgusting.

Then I put my itty bitty egg on one of these new thin sliced itty bitty bagels-only 140 calories (minus the butter of course) and had a nice tasty itty bitty egg sandwich for breakfast.

They also make itty bitty thin sliced hamburger buns for those of you watching those old calories. Both of these products are just not quite the same as big thick bagels and hamburger buns, but the concept is indeed a good one. As long as you don't eat two hamburgers or two egg and bagel sandwiches that is.

Because after eating my itty bitty egg and bagel sandwich I was still hungry.


PussDaddy said...

LOL. I have a couple of those itty bitty pans too and no one ever uses them except for me once in a while when I make a grilled cheese sandwich in them.


kim* said...

Yum! itty bitty is for me!