Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More Randomness

Or, nothing of importance going on around here. As usual.

I am a good citizen. I filled out our census form and am returning it in today's mail. Keith wanted to fill it out with us having about 20 people living here with made up names but I didn't think that the government would find that quite as amusing as he seems to think it would be.

Did you hear about the poor guy who was just jogging on the beach and got hit by a plane? He's probably thinking that the beach is about the safest place in the world to go jogging since there are no cars to worry about, and he gets killed by a crash landing airplane. Jeez.

We got a nasty gram from our homeowners association in the mail yesterday because our grass was too long. Sigh. Keith had put some fertilizer and stuff on the yard so it wouldn't be all brown and dead looking and we wouldn't get a letter saying our yard was too brown and dead looking and the fertilizer made the grass go crazy and grew inches practically overnight and now it's too long and shaggy looking and I swear you just can't win. If we ever move from this house we will never ever buy a house that is part of a homeowners association again.

And, finally, here is something to make you smile if not LOL.

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