Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mixing it Up

First off, I really love plastic kitchenware. The bright colors, the virtual indestructibleness, the usually quite affordable prices. I don't want fancy gold rimmed china plates to eat off of, give me bright yellow plastic any day.

I also really love vintage plastic kitchenware. Again, the bright colors and affordable prices make vintage plastics fun to seek out at flea markets and antique stores. I haven't bought any vintage in quite a while (that damned economy thing again) but really enjoy the pieces that I do have. One of my favorites is a sugar canister that I found at a thrift shop for a whopping 95 cents! I'm also quite fond of my aqua canister set that sits in my dining area cupboard.

Secondly, I also really love Target. What does Target have to do with plastic kitchenware? Only that they have the coolest new plastic dishes and bowls and cups and platters you've ever seen. Plastic plates and dishes that look like china but only when you pick them up do you realize that they are plastic. I'm saving my money to completely redo our dinnerware and get rid of all the mismatched plates and bowls that are cluttering up my kitchen.

We did splurge and buy a set of plastic mixing bowls when we were doing our usual weekly cat food and litter shopping, we just couldn't resist. We've been using the set of Tupperware bowls that I've had since about 1987 or so, and while they are still quite usable even though one lid was melted when I laid it on the stove, forgetting that I had just turned the burner off. These new bowls don't have lids, but hey, that's what plastic wrap was invented for, right?

Anyway, here's my new bowl set which was christened when I mixed up a package of cookie mix in the big green one last night.

Twenty bucks. At a Target near you.

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DancingMooney ♥ said...

very much love those bowls. ♥

I'm kind of a sucker for ceramic and glass, I love pyrex... but those are super cool too.