Thursday, March 25, 2010

Let's Talk About the Weather

I'm really enjoying spring this year. After a wetter than usual winter, spring has come in a little more colorful and a little breezier. I'm really liking having the windows open and the breezes blowing through the house. The cats like it too, they will sit at the back door or in the window for hours, must be lots of enticing smells on the breeze. Spring is about the only time of the year that I actually almost like living in Bakersfield. Winters are cold and dry, summers are hot and dry, but this spring is just beautiful. The temps have been in the 70's and the evenings are balmy. The smog hasn't settled in yet and there hasn't been that stink of manure or onions in the air lately. Seriously, sometimes this town smells distinctly of poo. Or onions.

The fresh breezes have NOT inspired me to spring clean though. That's just crazy talk to do something like that.

But, we saw a story on the news about the wildflowers in Kern County and if you go on their website you can print out a wildflower tour map, so this weekend we may just go for a wildflower drive. Wouldn't that be wild?

I've been working on some collages lately, kind of springy collages actually, with birds and flowers and such. I got some really cool vintage books from ebay and have been cutting them up for pendants and collage.

I did a couple of art cards, those are always fun to make because of the smallness:

These are bigger, the seahorse and iris just seemed to go together to me:

And what could say spring more than Americans in Paris?

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